Power Booty

IMG_4839Hana and Nick working the chains

Developing and engaging the posterior chain can lead to huge gains in athletic performance.  The hamstrings, glutes, and other muscles along the back of the body are capable of producing tremendous force when properly utilized.  However, many athletes tend to have an under developed posterior chain in relation to their anterior chain.  Does this mean we should ignore the anterior completely? No, but we should be diligent in maintaining proper techniques that utilize both chains even if it means a slower time in a workout.  For example, we should fight to stay on our heels when squatting even once our ass gets tired and we want to lean forward and let our quads do all the work.

As it is said, the front side of the body is for aesthetics, the rear is for athletics.



Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Back squat, 20 reps
Handstand walk 20 yards