Better All The Time

Scott with his chin over the bar.

What makes a gym?  The Coaches, the athletes, the facility, or all of the above?  We believe that our community of athletes is what makes our gym and the the most important thing for any gym.  If you don't like the people you workout with you won't continue to come in.  Second is the coaching, good coaching is often the difference between good athletes and great athletes.  Then comes the facility.  Nice bathrooms with showers would be nice, a steam room, cold soak, and hot tubs would be even better, but those are not the most important things.

Our friends and San Francisco CrossFit run one of the best CrossFit facilities anywhere.  The San Francisco Chronicle is having a vote for best gym in the city.  Many of you have been lucky enough to visit Kelly and the rest of the crew.  If you had a good experience and think they do good work, give them your vote.

SFCF Best gym in San Francisco



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