IMG_2983Chris with knees clearly touching elbows.

CrossFit demands full range of motion for better function and applicability. In competition sometimes the standards are arbitrary for judging purposes. Some movements are easier to judge than others. In the knees to elbows we are looking for the Knee to touch the elbows with the hip even or above the shoulder and no swinging or kipping. The hip height is critical for getting the full engagement of all the muscle groups involved. Chris should take his chin to his chest to improve the quality of his knees to elbow.


If you are thinking about coming to sectionals this weekend they will be selling one day tickets for $15 and two day tickets for $25 at the entrance to the event. We hope to have a big support section, it should be a great event.  You may as well come watch, as the gym will be closed both Saturday and Sunday.


1 Snatch on the minute for 10 minutes

Rest 2 Minutes

1 Clean & Jerk on the minute for 10 minutes