Talk Amongst Yourselves

IMG_2837 Tyler dilligently working is hip mobility.

We are fast approaching the Nor Cal Sectionals. Lucas, Tyler, Jesse, Andrew, Dave, Stephen, Olivia, Laurie, myself, and Jama are in our final two weeks of preparation for the big weekend. We are anxiously awaiting the anouncement of the workouts and working hard to get exposed to as many different movements as possible.

I got word today that the spectator tickets are now two for one. So for those of you who wanted to come watch us compete but balked at the $50 price tag, you're in luck.

If you have a ticket or you want a ticket please post to comments so you can get matched up. All you need to do is bring a printout of your receipt and they will honor the two-for-one discount on the spot.

-coach D


Rest Day