Climbing High

IMG_2109 Katy at the top of our 16ft rope.


"While I have seen altitude sickness, I have avoided any severe symptoms.  What I have learned from my trips, is you have to be physically prepared, however, assuming good conditioning, there are two reasons people do not summit, foul weather, and reaction to altitude.  The best accommodation for altitude is acclimatization, however I, like most people, do not take the time to properly acclimatize. In no case have I taken more than two days to summit."

-Marshall Delk, a super-athlete at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central teamed up with Mary for her most recent article.  He has successfully summited the following peaks:

Mt. Shasta 14,162’
Mt. Whitney 14,491’, twice
White Mountain  14,246’
Mt. Langley 14,026’
Mt. Muir 14,015’

Interested in hearing more?  Read the full 13 page article in Conover's Corner.


Conover's Corner

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For time:
30 Muscle-up