IMG_1656 Dawn and Brent getting ready.

Competition is part of CrossFit.  We compete with ourselves and our fellow athletes.  The desire to perform well either for one's self or for one's team is shared among most CrossFit athletes.  Be it during a Saturday class or an official competition, we all hope to do our best.

Yesterday four of our best test their skills against 33 other teams at the CrossFit East Sacramento Throwdown.  The event was scheduled for two events.  Team CFSC placed 4th in the first workout and won the second workout, putting them in a tie for 1st with two other teams.  The tie break event consisted of a sandbag sprint/rope climb relay.  Pat, Olivia, Lucas and Coach D were able to finish with the fastest time and bring home the trophy!

In honor of our team we are going to run the first workout of the competition as our WOD for today

Workout: Team WOD
Each team of 4 has 12 minutes to find:
Max 3 rep Thruster
Max Jump Rope Double Unders