World Records

IMG_1094 Lucas staring down "Helen".

Universal scalability is one of the many beauties of the CrossFit program yet it is easy to get obsessed with completing the workouts as "RX'd".

Sometimes it is good to spend the time and complete the workout because you have the ability to do so even if it takes you a long time. Other times it is better to consider the fastest times and scale your reps, loads and distances so you can complete the workout as fast as the fastest to maximize your intensity.

We want to consider the purpose of the workout before attempting it. However, one thing we learned from the improvement pool is to be sure to track your modifications.  After all, having an accurate measure of your capacity is truly one of the main reasons to do a workout "rx'd", allowing you to compare yourself to others and previous versions of yourself.



Five rounds for time of:
135 Pound Over Head Squat, 5 reps
15 Knees to Elbows