IMG_0381 Dave improving his overhead squat to 225x3

On Saturday Cara will be leaving Santa Cruz and embarking on an adventure to New Zealand, where she will be playing water polo, as well as competing (and
representing CFSC) at the NZ Sectionals.  She has the following to say:


"The next six months I will miss seeing this amazing community of people that I have become so close with and the joy that being part of it brings me.  Crossfit has transformed me.  It used to be just a place to workout and get my ass kicked, now it is a completely new lifestyle. Understanding healthy nutrition and fitness are only a few things that I have learned here. Understanding how powerful our minds can be, and being comfortable with the uncomfortable, are a few more things that can be applied to just about anything that life throws at ya.  Crossfit is a place of continual learning and something that I will always enjoy. I am so grateful to be a part of CFSC!"

-Cara-the girl that wears a lot of lulu-Hipskind



Clean and Jerk




All Improvement Pool WoDs must be completed before Friday. 



Come celebrate the completion of the Improvement Pool competition.  We are meeting at Hula's downtown at 7:30pm Thursday for some food and drinks.  All are welcome.