Times are Changing


Duffy overhead.

"Times are changing for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)! In the past, treatment was “rest to conserve strength” for necessary tasks. Now, a great deal of knowledge is being gathered showing the benefits of exercise in MS, not only for physical strength, but also for maintaining and improving cognitive functions. In fact, anything about the benefits of exercise and the risk of a sedentary life style that can be said of the normal, healthy human being can also be said of those with MS. In robust health, young, old, in-between, on chemotherapy, on crutches, missing limbs, curling up with degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,1-5 or struggling with a neuro-degenerative disease like multiple sclerosis, none are excluded from the benefits of exercise. No one. We are all eligible to partake and reap those benefits.



Mary's most recent article is a ground breaking look at exercise and Multiple Sclerosis. You can download the complete article in PDF in Conover's Corner.



Complete five rounds of:
On the rings, lower from an inverted hang, slowly, with straight body and arms, 7 reps
15 Ring Push-ups
Move SLOWLY and methodically attempting perfect execution. Ideally this is done with two pairs of rings - one pair hung app. 8' off the ground and the second 4" off the ground.