IMG_7733 Tyler working for it.

When we spend time rolling out on our sore and tired muscles it is important to spend quality time on each our troubled areas.  Spending twenty seconds on one section of quad and quickly move to another will not effect the change that we are looking for.  Muscles tend to have a viscoelastic properties and spending some quality time on these muscles is what is needed.  We do not want to spend so much time on the ball we fall asleep on it, but spending a 1 minute or 2 even 3 minutes on a tight or restricted area is sufficient.

Workout: "Hodge Podge"

1300m run
20 box jumps
20 walking lunges
15 pullups
15 pushups
20 DB hang squat cleans
2 rope climbs
20 kettle bell swings
20 burpees
20 Double unders

followed by 20 minutes of maintenance.