Form or Function

IMG_6899 The midday boys.

Unlike pop culture, at CrossFit we are more impressed with what the body can do than how it looks. A strong body in motion is the more beautiful than a thin body posed and air brushed.  During the air-gasping, grunting, weight-throwing, sweat-flying middle of a workout, the size and shape of our bodies (unless in relation to proper movement) is simply not a focus.  Anyone who is concerned about jiggle during a pull up orworried about whether or not their belly rolls over the waistline during a deadlift isn't working hard enough.  It is true, however, regardless of what your goals are, if you come into the gym and put in the hard work, your body will change.  You will become stronger, faster and fitter.    Looking good just happens to be icing on the cake.

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