IMG_6526 Olivia receiving the barbell.

One of the tenets of CrossFit is to regularly try new sports. While anyone who has worked on a 1-rep max snatch can attest to the mental effort that many CrossFit movements require, sports can offer some mental challenges that CrossFit often does not, such as opportunities to (1) be independently creative, (2) make strategy decisions under pressure, (3) play a specific role on a team, and - for those desk jockeys among us - (4) experience CrossFit gains in a different athletic context.

To give everyone an opportunity to experience this (and have lots of fun at the same time!), Iā€™m organizing a group trip to Planet Granite, an indoor climbing gym in Sunnyvale, CA. The day will involve a morning belay class for our group, followed by a whole day of awesome climbing. $29 will cover the class, day-pass and equipment rental. Kids are welcome (as long as you are willing to supervise) and carpooling can definitely happen.

If you are interested, please post which of these Saturdays in November will work for you: Nov 14? or Nov 21? Also, if you want to bring more people than just yourself, please let me know that number too. Hope everyone can make it!

- Olivia



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