Like mother, like daughter


Nice shoulder position!

Recently my kids and I were down in Pioneertown, near Yucca Valley for the Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven camp out. It wasn't until the third day that I finally got a chance to get some kind of a workout in. It was a hot, late afternoon and I could either reach for a cold beer or workout.  I choose the workout, looked around and sized up my gym: run, box jump on two railroad ties, burpees on an abandoned tennis court, pull-ups on a swing set and heat, lots and lots of heat. By the time I finally started my workout, my daughter had already completed two workouts on her own volition (#1 run around the tennis court 10 times and 10 push-ups and #2 pull-ups and box jumps). By the time I started my third round, my son had figured out how to do GHD sit-ups on the monkey bars.  My workout was full of starts and stops ("watch me, Mom" "I need water"), lousy and no where near as good as when I'm with you guys at the gym but I looked around and saw my kids running, jumping, being active for the joy of it and all of a sudden the quality of my workout didn't matter anymore. It occurred to me that what was really important was that I was being a role model for them, letting them know that taking care of themselves physically was important and something to be valued in life. It occurred to me that this was just one more benefit of CrossFit and that probably each one of us has inspired people close to us to get up and get moving, even if it's in their own way. There in the heat, hearing Cracker's warmup set drift across the desert, I realized that sometimes workouts aren't about best times and heaviest weights or even about us at all but about regularity, routine and our roles in the world.




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