Brave Men


Friends and Family,

Let me first apologize for the mass email - my first and hopefully last such email I will ever write.  I want to make people aware of a casualty in the war in Afghanistan that has not had any major press and has affected me deeply.  One of my closest friends and fellow SEAL, LT Dan Cnossen, triggered an improvised pressure-plate mine on a mission targeting the Taliban on September 6th of this year.  The use of these land mines is becoming a more prevalent tactic for the Taliban because their losses in direct combat are devastating.  The blast caused traumatic injuries that include the loss of both of his legs at the knee.  He is the first SEAL double amputee since 9/11 and, as far as I know, he could be the only one that we have ever had.  Dan is a great American and an absolutely amazing human being.  My words cannot do justice in describing his character - he is well respected and well loved by everyone who knows him.  The Special Operations community is providing a lot of support, but every little bit will make a difference.  His friends and family have set up a website where you can learn more about Dan and there is a guest book where you can leave words of encouragement and a link where you can donate if you wish.  Some of the donations have already been very useful - they were used to help his sister Leslie move from New York City and get set up in Bathesda, MD so she could be with Dan and help him with his long recovery.  She quit her job as a nurse at NYU so she could be his primary support after he is outpatient and begins his rehab.  The website is updated by Leslie fairly frequently so you can get updates on Dan's progress.  Feel free to ask me for more information and please share this with anyone else you know who may be interested.   Thank you for taking the time to read this, his friends and family and the SEAL community appreciate your prayers and support.  

Warmest regards,



5 Bodyweight Deadlifts
5 Pull ups
5 Bodyweight Deadlifts
5 Pull ups
Rest 1 minute

Repeat for a total of 7 rounds.