The Remnants

IMG_5278 Sunday getting filthy

Sunday's Class was filled with a complete array of our crew. Athletes from the 6am crew the night crew and everywhere in between working hard and supporting each other through the filthy fifty.  After class, when everyone was recovering, stretching and socializing I was thinking about all of the amazing individuals who make up our community.  The talents that each of you possess go way beyond your Fran time and your 1 rep max back squat.  We would like to tap into that.  

Do you have some good ideas about topics you would like to share with the CFSC community?  Starting today were are inviting you to SUBMIT YOUR POST. If you have an idea you want to share with the rest of us, now is your chance. The person who's entry is picked will receive one free session with a trainer of their choice and their entry will be posted to the website.

Submition Rules:
1. Photo
2. Topic for Post
3. Workout

Submit your post HERE

If you were one of the last people on earth, who would you want to be with you?
The Remnants
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