P8200639Hannah on vacation.

I received this email from Deitrich..

"Yo! Hope your having a good week. Hannah and I are shaking off the jet lag here in Europe. Today was our 2nd full day of travels in Switzerland, so much art and culture to see. We traveled and walked quite a bit and did find Crossfit Basel outside of town. Felt good to break a sweat after a week of worthlessness. We were welcomed with open arms. We will be heading back for more work outs and other CrossFits throughout Europe. Take Care!"

-Dietrich and Hannah


Our FREE Saturday CrossFit Kids class continues for ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS!  Please bring your children and their friends (make sure their parents sign a waiver first) ages 5-15 to our kids class this Saturday from 11am-12pm and stay for our BBQ following class!  Starting in September we will hold weekday and weekend classes for age groups based upon YOUR child or children's schedule!  Now is the time to help build our program for your children.  

Why is CrossFit Kids so important for children?  

CrossFit Kids incorporates gymnastics, weight lifting, and mono-structural activities (running, jumping, etc.) to improve a child's strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, power, speed, balance, agility, accuracy, and coordination.

Member Appreciation Party!!! 
Potluck BBQ
Fish Game Tournament
Come out and relax with your workout buddies.  Unwind, have fun and get to know your fellow athletes a little more.

Run 800 meters
21 Press
Run 800 meters
21 Push Press
Run 800 meters
21 Push Jerks