Grace-ful Movement?

DSC06991 Noon class with Grace

Whether you workout in the morning, mid-day or evening, chances are you haven't met everyone that comes to CrossFit Santa Cruz in pursuit of fitness. Over the past few months we have welcomed many new athletes to our community and we're thinking its about time to bring everyone together. So...we are throwing a party at the gym to celebrate our growing community! Whether you're a regular athlete at CFSC, an occasional athlete, a future athlete, a friend of CFSC, a new member, a long time member, or you just moved to San Diego...this party is for you.

Saturday, August 22nd, 12pm - 5pm
Potluck BBQ! (A chance to show off your paleo cuisine - unless you're Kyle *hint, hint*).
We'll provide refreshments. Games and activities for all ages.

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Overhead Squat