The Rewards of Discomfort

P1010408Tunnel Falls, Oregon

Heather Mac has returned. After spending nearly one month on trail, she is back in the land of comfort. Dirt, mosquitoes, wind, rain, and snow all tested her as she walked over 300 miles up the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon. No fresh fruit, organic vegetables nor grass fed beef to assist her body.  And as Bob Marley said "Cold ground was my bed last night, and rock was my pillow".

Now back in civilized society, organic produce, down comforters and internet communities abound. Sometimes it takes living without the things we are used to, to appreciate the things we have. The simple pleasure and comforts of home seem more relevant and fulfilling after a long break.

Welcome back!!!

Rest Day


If you missed Mary Conover's article on FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE-INDUCED TACHYCARDIA read it now, it is an interesting look at the science behind high intesity training.