DSC06665Dave, Aaron and Chris working on support.

Most of or lives are pretty scheduled out but somehow we all find a way to fit our CrossFit workout into the routine. Some come before work, others after the day is done, then there is the group who like get sweaty on their lunch break.

However, on Saturday and Sunday we offer only one class.
There are many reasons for this, but most importantly it is because we enjoy and find benefit to bringing our whole community together.

Much of the fun in CrossFit comes from the people who do it. As our community has grown so has the size of the weekend classes. We hope people look forward to the big groups and enjoy getting to know and check in with the people they don't get to see during the week.

The group energy is often why we like coming to CrossFit and we think that if we add more coaches to the mix we will better accommodate the growing number of athletes. You may see more than one coach on the weekends. The more eyes on you the better.


"Fight Gone Bad"