DSC06446The boys during Helen

"Valid criticisms of a fitness program need to speak to measurable, observable, repeatable data. If an alternative to CrossFit is worthy of our consideration it ought to be presented in terms of distance, time, load, velocity, work and power related to movements, skills, and drills. Give me performance data. CrossFit can be scientifically and logically evaluated only on these terms.

Criticisms of any program by summonsing exercise physiologists, dead or living, or triangulating a programs tenets vis-a-vis other programs and theories takes the discussion conveniently from the real to the theoretical where neither logic nor science can explore meaningful assertions about or devise tests of a programs strengths and weaknesses. Criticisms misplaced so seem to always come with the trappings, language, and style of science. Those least inclined to allow for scientific analysis are regularly given to scientific jargon, citing authority or studies, and ad hominem attack."

- Greg Glassman (

Rest Day