Grueling indeed

3711451063_2d8fcc769a Our man, pulling ahead on the sandbag sprint. Fantastic work this weekend Pat, we are all very proud.

Tony Budding once said "The winner of the CrossFit games has the right to say that they are the fittest person on earth, that has to be a grueling test"

The 2009 CrossFit games turned out to be just that, a grueling test indeed and possibly the most incredible fitness event ever.

The individual competition was two excruciatingly long days filled with a total 8 events. Each event unique, challenging, exiting, and intense.

To the organizers: Bravo for putting together an event that tested both the CrossFit program and the fittest people on the planet.

To the volunteers and judges: Your hard work and dedication to the sport of fitness did not go unnoticed. Thank You.

To the competitors: No matter where you finished in these events you are clearly among the toughest people ever made.

To the winners: Congratulations! You are mentally, physically, and emotionally incredible..darn near  invincible.

The overall condition and caliber of athletes competing at this years Games is a great testiment to the effectivness of the CrossFit program.