Final Countdown


The CrossFit Games are just hours away and the energy is high.
The team and Patrick are ready and rearing to go.

As a reminder the gym is closed Friday through Sunday and we will resume classes Monday as usual.
We hope many of you are planning to come watch. Tickets are available at the ranch if you do not have one already.

The team will be leaving Santa Cruz at 6:15 anyone who wants to carpool can leave then if they want to be really early.

If not and you want to carpool meet at the gym at 8:15 and post to comments if you want to leave early or if you want to offer to be a driver. Use the site to figure out how to carpool down there, parking is limited and expensive.

The team will be competing at:
10 am
Stadium workout
12 noon
Hill Relay
2 pm
Overhead Squat/ Pull up

Games Day Check list:

3.Parking Plan
4. Food and water or cash money
5. Sunscreen/Hat/ Sun Glasses
6. Layers (could be windy...probably going to be HOT)
7. Chair or Blanket
8. Camera