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IMG_8867 Kelly Starrett; "Training the Injured Athlete"

At CFSC we have had the privilege of hosting Kelly Starrett who taught us better movement, mobility and body maintenance. He emphasized the need to have proper mechanics before we can add load or reps as the only way to prevent injury and, over time, increase performance. We learned the concepts of best orthopedic function, proper mechanics and injury prevention. Ever since his first visit, our gym culture has changed.  It is normal to see all of the athletes spread out on the floor at the end of class, stretching, releasing and rolling to maintain a fit and injury-free body.  We are extremely thankful for Kelly and all of his knowledge and expertise.  

Unfortunately, Anna McCarthy, a journalist at SF Weekly has written an article on San Francisco CrossFit and Kelly Starrett that is poorly researched and inaccurate. Please go to SF Weekly, read the article and post your thoughts in the comments section.  Her irresponsible journalism should not go unchecked.  


 Snatch 135 pound, 15 reps

Not for time.  Work Technique