Don't Eat This At Home Kids!!

DSC06283 30 days worth of backpacking food

As I pack my food for my month-long backpacking trip in Oregon I can't ignore the numerous and blatant nutrition violations.  I sacrifice the fresh for the packaged and the heavy for the light - all in the name of less weight and fewer complications on the trail.  Any food that is fresh or includes even a small bit of water is out.  Chocolate covered things, like zone and balance bars, melt into a mass of goo quickly - those are out too.  I also don't like to be bothered with too much prep, so fancy backpacking recipes aren't on my list either.  I stick to the processed, carb heavy basics as seen in this picture.  Its only a month, and its the price I pay to see the beautiful places of the wilderness that you can't reach in a car. 

Looking at all of this food (and dreading its consumption) renews, with gusto, my appreciation for living in Santa Cruz, a place where local, organic produce is readily available.  Where I can visit farmers markets twice a week, purchase delicious things at several organically minded grocery stores, and dine at a plethora of nutritionally conscious restaurants... Ah Santa Cruz... we are so fortunate. 

-Heather Mac

5 rounds of
9 Back Squat
9 Ring Dip
You choose the weight.  Workout must be completed in under 5 minutes.  Post load and time to comments. 
You may sub back squat for front squat or overhead squat.  Same rules apply.