Operation Playground

SNV32867 Dave in Zambia

Dave's email:
I have been in Zambia for 4 days now and it has been a crazyexperience to actually see how real the poverty is here. Six of us on the Mosaic Playground team have been working on the playground since Monday. The photo is after day 1. The other 8 people of the mosaic team are here to train school teachers in the community.  I've heard from them that the concept of a playground is not even in the vocabulary of the children here! While working on the structure with my friends on the playground team, I will sometimes see the orphaned kids playing off in the distance, finding so many ways to entertain and amuse themselves with nothing but the clothes on their back and rolled up plastic or leather for soccer balls. Anthony and I saw a few of them having a blast climbing on a tree - one of them bouncing up and down on a branch.  We thought to ourselves - they haven't seen nothing yet! I don't know how the playground will look in the end but I do know that however it turns out (it should be big) it is going to blow their minds when they start seeing it come together!  I'm still doing my best to workout at 5:30am and eat well when I can so when I get back I will be able to compete with the team. I hope to keep you all updated in the coming days.

We are so proud of you Dave!  No doubt digging supports and pounding columns into the soil will be excellent preparation for the games!


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