Rising Stars

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Olivia Ruff and Karissa Cook With their Strength coach Jesse.

These gifted athletes have been coming to CrossFit Santa Cruz together to train with me for around 5 months now. Each came with their own set of skills and talents and both grown immensely during this time. Their hard work and consistent training each week has made for great improvement. Both girls graduated high school this past weekend so their training at Crossfit Santa Cruz is coming to an end. Olivia will be attending UC Santa Barbara and Karissa will be attending Stanford this fall; both taking on a brand new chapter of their lives with Division 1 collegiate volleyball.

I will be sad to see them go (although they still have some time left) but I’m excited for all the opportunities and fun they have in store for them as student athletes. They have learned a lot and I’m sure they have found their training valuable and will continue growing as athletes and as human beings in the coming years. I bet Karissa and Olivia will be way ahead of most, if not all of their freshmen teammates (and quite possible the whole team) when it comes to strength and conditioning thanks to crossfit and hard work. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with these two rising stars and look forward to hearing about all their accomplishments when they come back to visit their hometown.

-Jesse Baz

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