DSCF1391 Siblings Danielle and Hollis after the last chance Video Qualifier

Hollis and Heather will be out of town this week on a much needed and much anticipated vacation. We hope they get some quality rest and relaxation.

For some time now we have been posting the CrossFit Santa Cruz Workout of the day the night before. Many people enjoy knowing what is in store for them before they come in. They can plan their day around it. Others however will cripple with anticipation, dread the workout, and on a bad day, not even come in.For the next few cycles you are going to have to come in to see what is in store for you. The workout will be posted the day after it has been completed. What will this do to your preparation?

Workout for Sunday:

100 Burpees for time

rest as needed

Max set 95lb thrusters without putting the bar down

rest as needed

50 ring dips for time