Wounded Warrior

DSC00761 Brent back in February.

Injuries in sport and in life are bound to happen.  What happens when we get injured? Can we still CrossFit if we are injured? One important concept to remember when injured is DON'T ROT. Often an athlete will get injured and think that taking a few months off will help. What we see around the gym is the opposite. Those athletes that train with and around an injury heal faster, return to peak health quicker and are generally happier than those athletes who stay home.

Brent is one of our athletes that didn't let an injury keep him out of the gym. Today 4 months from bicep tendon surgery, the workout was single arm Snatch. With one arm Brent used the 24kg and with the recovering arm he used a lighter kettlebell. At the end of the workout interested to see if he had regained enough strength to do a pull up, he attempted one.  You can see his attempt on our Athlete Achievements page.
Rest Day