DSC05723 Congratulations to our very own Heather MacDougall on her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.

Today marks the end of our programming experiment.  It started with a week of followed by a week of CrossFit and finishing with a week of Max Fit USA .com.  Starting Tuesday we will return to CrossFit Santa Cruz programming. 

Workout: Max Fit USA WoD

Snatch 3/60% 2/70% 5×2/80-85%
Clean & Jerk 2/70 2/80 3×2/90-95%
Front Squat 1/ 1/ 1/ *1/ *1/

We will be closed Monday May 25th.  We are participating in the Trevor Win'E Memorial Challenge
hosted at CrossFit North Santa Cruz.  Our teams are scheduled for 9:00am for anyone interested in cheering them on.