DSC05557 Carie G standing tall.

To paraphrase Coach, CrossFit is not going to get any easier and you wouldn't want it to. The simple fact of the matter is that CrossFit is a demanding mistress. She beats up muscles and connective tissue, she challenges the heart and lungs and everyday she seems to get rougher and tougher. Once we get into the eye of the storm however everything seems to be OK. A little beat up, but everything is fine.

Returning after taking some time off is exceptionally hard.  Fighting our way back through the storm of pain and hard earned results takes something special. Carie G has got that something special. It is great to have her back in the mix.
WOD Video
 The NorCal Boys Back Sqaut/Rope Ascent
Workout: Max Fit USA WoD
Press 2×3/60% 2×3/70%
Snatch (from block at knee) 2×3/60% 2×3/70% 3×2/75-80%
Clean (from block at knee) 2×2/65% 2×2/75% 2×2/85%
Bent Over Row 4×8/
Full Glut Ham 4×6/