Test Yourself

DSC05470Coach D explains it.

If you have been watching our programming the last few weeks you may have noticed that we have been borrowing WoDs both from CrossFit.com and CrossFit Football.com.  We are now moving on to Max Fit USA.com.  Why are we trying different programming? Well, one of the standing challenges at CrossFit is simple. If you can beat us at our programming, we will try yours.  If we can beat you at your programming, then we both must be tested by a third unknown program.  What we are currently doing is testing ourselves  with different programming.  Once we finishing our test of we should have a better idea of our weaknesses and strengths, allowing us to adapt and improve our programming. 

Workout: Max Fit USA WoD

Muscle Snatch 3×3/60%
Snatch 2×3/60% 2×3/70% 2×3/75-80%
OH Squat 15/ 15/ 15/