Technically Speaking

DSC05463 Paleo Meal

As we continue to follow remember we want to focus on increasing our technique before we add weight. The common fault is to lift too heavy too soon, it is the curse of the novice and the egotistic. Use the Strength WoD to refine your mechanics and comfort with the movements. With the WoD itself challenge yourself a bit with adding a small amount of weight and as the weeks progress the small amounts will equal a larger difference.

Workout: CrossFit Football WoD
Back Squat 5-5-5

Then for time:
21, 15, 9

Power Snatch 135 lbs
Bench Press 185 lbs
Box Jump 24" box


This Saturday we will be having a Paleo/Zone food tasting and discussion at 11am.

THE LOST AND FOUND will be emptied after this weekend.  If you have lost an item of clothing in the last year it may be in our lost and found.  We have an enormous amount of LOST items.  All the items that are not FOUND by the end of the weekend will be donated to the Salvation Army.