DSC05066 Dietrich pre Fran

What we eat directly affects how we perform. What we eat directly affects our body composition. What we eat directly affects our psychology. We can not benefit from CrossFit unless we are concerned about our nutrition. Robb Wolf is our nutrition guru and has a great website that can and should be used as a resource to better understand and manage food intake. His most recent video on the Zone can be seen on the CrossFit main site and the CrossFit Journal. We all know that it is not easy to get a handle on the nuts and bolts of eating well. We often hear people say, "Just tell me what to eat", or "If I could hire someone to cook for me I could do it."

Starting Saturday there will be now excuses left. Why this Saturday? This Saturday we will be hosting a FREE FOOD TASTING with our resident Chef Noelle. This will be a rare opportunity to sample Zone/Paleo food and find out how it was made. 11:30am Saturday will mark the launch of Noelle's newest business venture FUERZA FOODS.
21 Deadlifts
Rest 3-5 minutes
21 Shoulder Press
Rest as needed

100 Chest to Bar Pull-ups for time.

The deadlifts and shoulder presses should be executed in the same fashion as our back squat program. All 21 reps must be completed in a single set in less than 2 minutes. We will continue this program for 6-8 weeks every Tuesday.