Kai and Diana enjoying a 7k race along west cliff.

Thank you to all of you who made it out to the race in support of Every Child Outdoors!

Congratulations to Rebecca and Kai who were the top fundraisers at $1,400.00 and $1,385.00 respectively. They are truly the heaviest lifters for this "WOD." There is still an opportunity to donate if you are interested. then click on "List of Teams" and "Every Child Outdoors." This page will also show you the amazing efforts and accomplishments from the CFSC athletes!

At over $5,500.00, we raised enough money to award grants to over 240 local students to attend the Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School. There is no doubt that our community is so much more than just Fran times and Fight Gone Bad scores. We have so many reasons to be proud!

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