It's almost Friday

DSC05039 It's time.

Mary has written another article for Conover's Corner.  Iron overload disease weighs heavy with the need for as many as possible to know.  This is important enough, common enough, and devastating enough for you to understand it now for yourself and your loved ones.

Dedicated to John, my brother, who was misdiagnosed for decades and then diagnosed too late to recover from multiple organ damage. He lives with the ravages of this easily controlled disease.  Listen up, and take charge of your health.


Workout: CrossFit Football WoD

Complete 7 rounds of the following:

Deadlifts  225 lbs
Box Jumps 24" box
*Perform as many reps as possible in 15 seconds and rest for 45 seconds. 1 full round is equal to 15 seconds of deadlifts with 45 seconds rest and 15 seconds of box jumps with 45 seconds rest.

Post total number of reps to comments.

Join us for a Potluck BBQ on Friday before the 'Every Second Counts' screening.  We will start the grill at 3:00pm.
We will be closed this weekend for the NorCal Qualifiers. There will be no Saturday or Sunday Classes. Our last class will be Friday at Noon. We will resume classes Monday Morning. See you all in Aromas.