Cool and Collected

DSC04610Phillip working his deadlift.

Phillip Wang is one of our younger athletes and possibly our most inspiring. Phillip came to us with a desire to get strong and fit. His background in High School football gave him a strong work ethic and a gift for pushing himself. He has decreased his mass by a substantial amount and has been very diligent in his nutrition, although he lives on campus and the food there is somewhat suspect. Phillip is headed to the Qualifier with Alex, Olivia and Dave. We wish him the best of luck and know he will represent us well.

Workout: My Girls

Run 400 meters
15 Deadlifts; 225 pounds
15 Handstand Push Ups
Run 400 meters
15 Clean; 135 pounds
15 Ring Dips
Run 400
15 Thruster; 95 pounds
15 Pull Ups

Join us for a Potluck BBQ on Friday before the 'Every Second Counts' screening.  We will start the grill at 3:00pm.
We will be closed this weekend for the NorCal Qualifiers. Our last class will be Friday at Noon. We will resume classes Monday Morning. See you all in Aromas.