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DSC04751Terminate The Governor

If you remember the blog I posted a few weeks ago about The Central Governor Theory, I explained the reason for why we experience fatigue and that there was a governing system in us that makes us want to stop. So I think what we really all care about is the different ways we can work against this natural regulating system. So we can kick more ass baby!

Well, one was basically already addressed by one of Hanna's post about a week ago on caffeine. We learned that caffeine benefits in a physical and psychological way. That governing system that tells us to stop by inducing pain or discomfort is what seems to be blunted by the ergogenic effects of caffeine. This one is the least painful way, but not the most natural. When I attended the seminar at CFLA entitled Brain Training the speaker outlined at least three other ways that we can push against our regulators... (continued reading)



Workout: 6 rounds for time of:

30 Kettle Bell Swings
15 Ring Dips
2 Rope ascents



They actually all already happen to be a part of our CrossFit culture! Two of them are fear related. One was goal setting and knowing what your last time or score was in a workout. He said of course this is why a training log is important. Which by the way I admit I haven't been very good about!

The 2nd was training against or with a closely matched friend because it keeps our a sense of urgency alive. Possibly one of the reasons why we are usually not at our max potential is that our body are always leaving a little something left in case of emergency. In the case of our Stone Age ancestors that emergency might take the form of a lion. We simulate that scary scenario all the time with our closely matched friends! I know I did in a dumbbell snatch and run workout with Lucas once! I was Cave Dave running just in front of Lion Lucas the whole workout only to be caught in the end by 10 seconds!

The 3rd was training in front of a crowd or group of people. The speaker said that the instinct for us to train harder here my be related to a time when our ancestors would kill or banish a member of a tribe or group if they didn't perform in well enough in a type of test. I also think that if they did well it could mean more benefits like seniority or more women, so maybe this one may be more instinctual for men. I remember feeling that pressure a lot when I did some of the workout demo videos back in the day because I had the feeling like a lot of people were watching. According to research he said between the last 2, training in front of a crowd was the one that showed to be the most effective. Of course it was even better to be in front of a crowd with a competitor, but why not do all 4 at the same time! Drink a lot of coffee, while beating your last PR, next to a competitor and in front of a crowd!

So we all have that closely matched person or lion at the gym. Who has been yours?

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