Get Smart

DSC03162K-star delivering a ton of info.

As I grew up my grandmother always told me to never stop learning. She believed that no matter how smart we were or how much we knew about life, there was always more to learn.  Today we had the privilege of having Kelly Starrett come in and talk with us about training the injured athlete. There were no absolutes or definitive answers.  He did, however, provide us with a framework for getting athletes from 70% to 150%.   He empowered us to go out and learn as much as we could, distill the information and use it to heal, train and improve ourselves and our athletes.

Workout:Broken Jackie
250 Row
45 pound Thruster, 15 reps
9 Pull-ups
Rest as needed.  Complete 5 rounds total.
The goal is to set a time in the first round to maintain in each subsequent round.