DSC01996Patrick Nailing the OHS

CrossFit is a demanding beast.  The workouts require us to stress our bodies then rest our bodies in order to make gains.  At 23 years of age, most of us have enough functional tolerance to handle large amounts of physical stress without too many adverse effects.  At CFSC, however, we're not only concerned about how fit you are and what you can do today... we're concerned about what you will be able to do and how fit you will be 10 years from now... 20 years from now.  Will you be more fit?  Less fit?  The same?  How will you manage your progress so that your body adapts to the daily stresses in a gradual, safe and healthy way?  What do you do to ensure your CrossFit longevity?

-Heather Mac

Shnatch Skillz Work... anyone lifting over 75% of their max will be banned from the gym for a week.  (Consequence courtesy of Andy Stumpf, CF Coronado)