Mental Toughness

DSC02319Sean is strong

One of the most important things for any athlete to possess is mental toughness, but what skills and characteristics define this?

The mentally tough have a positive out look on life and the task before them. They are confident and happy with themselves. They have well checked egos and their workouts do not define them. They demonstrate composure and are calm under pressure. They are committed, focused, and have fun.

The mentally weak are marked by negativity towards themselves, their workouts, or others. They often get nervous to the point of paralysis. They get frustrated and talk more than do. They often use words like should and can’t. They Cheat and seek short term gains. They have big egos, negative self talk and too much self doubt.

Mental weaknesses are like any “goat”; work on them until they are no longer in your way.

-Coach D

Cara's Birthday Surprise

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