Stabilize This

CIMG1873 Kelly finding new ways to train.

This Saturday a lucky few are going to see Kelly Starrett in action. The rest of us will have to wait until March 14 for "Training the Injured Athlete". This event is for both trainers and athletes. If you have been injured, know someone with an injury or think you may get injured some day, this event is for you. The information will be in depth and relevant.

Last November when Kelly came to CFSC we learned new ways to prepare for the rigors of a CrossFit WOD with better movement prep and some hip opening drills. We learned how to maintain our bodies after our workouts with PNF and Isometric shutdown. We learned tennis balls are actually torture devices. This new event is going to be just as, if not more valuable
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Workout: (CFNSC WOD)
50 pound dumbbell thrusters
Row (for Calories)