DSC01764 The finish line

-by Hannah
The body is easily fooled by the mind so it’s crucial to be able to channel thoughts positively when pushing physical limits and attaining personal goals. We think “light weight!” or “I’ve got this” but here’s a little trick that may help you believe your mental pep talks even more - The Little Black Book. A friend of mine works in sales, and his performance is tracked and measured just like ours is at CrossFit. Whenever I congratulate him on a work related accomplishment he says, “I cheated, I wrote it in my black book” Every week my neighbor writes down his goals as if he has already achieved them. Rather than “I will” or “I want” trick yourself and say “I can” or “I have.” If you date and/or mark goals as you reach them you have another form of measurable data. Skim through and look at all your accomplishments. Might be something worth trying….I have already reached 2 goals in my book!

WOD Video
 Push Jerk/Squat
Athlete Achievement
Jesse's 200 pound squat clean
 Rest Day or Make up Day.