DSC01849 Annabelle getting strong.

Making progress takes two very important qualities in and athlete. Patience and Humility. Admitting that we need to learn a new skill or get better at another means checking our egos. Annabelle has made some amazing gains since starting with CrossFit. In the photo above we can see she is using a band to assist her pull ups. She started with jumping pull up and has now moved on to a the bands. Fairly soon you will see her kipping her way through a wod without the bands. Her steady methodical approach is one that we see in many of our successful athletes, and will pay off soon enough.

One of our athletes that has been hunting down her muscle up since the beginning of the year has reached the promised land. She was so committed to getting her first she bought a has shirt claiming she will get her muscle up by March of 2009.
Athelete Achievement
Cara's Muscle Up

Workout: 21 Rep Back Squat then,
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4 Rounds of
Run 400 meters
50 abmat sit ups