DSC01105Hannah getting strong

Hannah recently got her muscle up. A great achievement. The catch here at CrossFit is that there is always a new goal to achieve. We all have our own unique challenges to face. Often athletes ask, what a good time for a workout would be, or how much should there max deadlift be. The answer is always personalized. Not every athlete is going to be looking to get the sub 2 minute Fran. That being said, there are certian bench marks that seem to be emerging around here. The top 5 are.
1. Sub 5 minute Fran
2. 1 1/2 times body weight dead lift.
3. body weight overhead squat
4. body weight back squat, 21 reps
5. 20 rounds of Cindy

Post your top 5 to comments
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Did you follow your Nutrition Plan
Yes    79%
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Yes    81%
No    19%
Did you follow your Fitness plan   
Yes    94%
No    6%