Real Women

DSC00208Amy and Heather

There are many slogans for 'real women'. I am sure you have heard them before. Real Women have curves is a commonly used slogan. Coach Burgener uses one of my favorites, "Real Men and Real Women Clean and Jerk." What about, "Real Women CrossFit." It is simple and to the point.

Our female athletes as of late, have been absolutely killing it. Amy and Heather have been examples of technique leading to great athletic prowess. Cara is in the lead on the Accountability Challenge and Olivia just pulled 208 pounds off the floor for a new PR in her dead lift. Not to mention Coach D can rep out the pull ups and Carie has need to buy a new wardrobe. CrossFit has always been filled with talented strong women. Why is that? Post thoughts to comments.

Tabata Dead lift, body weight
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push Up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Front Squat, body weight
Rest 1 minute Tabata Pull Up