Go Hard

DSC00572 Jonji Barber in the middle of "The Bear"

Intensity is one of the cornerstones of what we do. There are the physical components. How much do I weigh, how much does the object weigh, how far do I have to move it? Then there is the mental side. How bad is this going to hurt, how long is going to hurt, can I endure the hurt? The line between 'productive stressing' and 'beating down' is sometimes hard to find. The problem is, if the intensity of either the physical or mental side is too low the program doesn't work. If the intensity is too high, the athlete won't work. High Intensity in high doses is like pavlovian shock therapy, you shock an athlete over and over again, they will soon learn to stop showing up.

Workout: CrossFit Coronado WOD

After warming up, complete 1 x 200 Meter Sprint at Max Effort, then:

WOD 1 x 200 Meter Sprint every minute on the minute...

If it takes you 40 seconds to complete the sprint, you will have 20 seconds to rest. Continue until you are unable to complete the sprint in the 1 minute alloted. Once failure is reached, add 20 Seconds to the rest interval and again continue until failure (1 x 200 Meter Sprint every 1:20 until failure). ___________________________
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