Efficiency With Da Feet?

DSC00242Heather MacDougall up the rope.

To Feet or not to Feet. That is the question.

Climbing the rope without your feet is faster than with your feet... if you have the capacity to do so. So why do we use our feet?  1. We don't yet have the strength to pull our bodies up the rope without the use of our feet.  2. We are completing the Patrick Barber Birthday WOD. If two rope climbs are a sprint then the PBB WOD is a 10k. If the feet are engaged in the climbing, it is likely that 23 rope climbs for time can be done in less time, with more efficiency and with more intensity. Is it possible to do 23 rope climbs for time without the feet and still maintain a high level of efficiency and intensity? What do you think?

Workout: "The Barber"

23 rope ascents for time
Accountability Challenge Update:
40 athletes have signed up for the challenge.  Are you curious to know what people are choosing to hold themselves accountable to?  Here are some statistics...

Nutrition:  25% of the athletes are doing the Zone, 25% are doing Paleo, 15% are doing Paleo/Zone, 35% chose their own nutrition program.

Maintenance:  43% 10 minutes/4 times a week, 40% 10 minutes/once a day, 10% 10 minutes/twice a day 8% Other

Fitness:  38% 3 days ON/ 1 day OFF, 18% 5 days ON/2 days OFF, 18% 4 days a week, 28% Other