DSC09681Diana looking strong.

We are an Evidenced Based Fitness program. We want results. Measurable, repeatable, results. Improved performance, improved body composition, etc. Tracking an athletes progress provides accurate data points. These data points demonstrate an athletes progress, good bad, or otherwise. Watching Diana over the last few months we didn't need to look at the data, it was obvious to all. She had clearly been eating well and consistent with her workouts. Back on August 26th we took her measurements, we pointed her in the direction of the Zone. Now nearing December 26th we measured her again. Her results were inspiring.

               Pre-Zone/CrosFit            Post Zone/CrossFit
Waiste:              30.5"                                 26"
Hips:                   39"                                  36"
Weight              134.6 lb                          125.4 lb
Pull Ups               0                                     10

CONGRATULATION DIANA!!! You are a joy to have around, and a great athlete to coach. Keep up the fantastic work.


135 pound Sumo Deadlift High Pull
135 pound Split Jerk