Scaling is not scary


Vince and crew

CrossFit can be intimidating. To a new client the box might look like a warehouse full of strong, fit people lifting heavy weights really quickly, lots of times. The beauty in all of it, however, is that the programming is not just for the elite athlete, it is for everyone who is willing to show up and give their best effort. All levels, all shapes, all sizes, all ages. The ability to scale the workout for any level is one of the reasons that the CrossFit program is so successful. Scalability allows athletes to gauge their progression by measuring the increase in weight/reps or decrease in time in repeated workouts. Scalability allows all athletes to workout together as one community, regardless of fitness level. And it works in both directions. We scale down for newer crossfitters, injured crossfitters and whenever necessary. We scale up for crossfitters who need a more challenging workout in order to achieve optimal results. For example, a pound of weight for most humans (a human pound) is actually equivalent to 1.13 pounds of weight for Patrick (a patrick pound).

4 rounds for time
10 Deadlift - 255 patrick pounds (225 human pounds)
7 Weighted Pullups - 40 patrick pounds (35 human pounds)
Choose your scale - patrick pounds or human pounds