Homemade Pie Anyone?

DSC08230Today we ran a CrossFit Classic.  "Annie Are You OK?"

Have you ordered your pies for Thanksgiving? If the answer is no, you are in luck. Our very own Hannah is baking pies. She has olallieberry pies and crustless pumpkin pies (whiskey or plain) and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too. They're all wheat free and reduced sugar/sweetened with agave... but still yummy! Pies are $20 Dozen Cookies $15

Email Hannah @ mermaidmuffinmolly@gmail.com to get yours. Orders must be made by Tuesday Night.



Wednesday:  No 5pm or 6pm classes.  Daytime classes as usual

Thursday (Thanksgiving): 10am "Earn Your Turkey" workout.  No other classes 

Friday: 10am "Burn Your Turkey" workout.  No other classes

Saturday and Sunday classes as usual